Bad collision between falling pawn + moving platform?

Here is video showing my bug:


Why my pawn go through platform when he is in falling state?

Pawn is a papercharacter

Hey skeleton60,

Can you provide some details about your character? Some screenshots of collision settings for all components of both character and papercharacter would help us investigate issue. If you feel comfortable creating a test project in which this issue occurs for us, you can upload it to Dropbox and show us a link so we can take a look. Thanks!

its easy to reproduce, even with default 2d side scroller project bug occur

here is an example project with bug occuring when u try to do same thing in my video!EdEwyKyT!hEcTeeSaffml6_0MvffLsU-hnL3lXBHl5gD8rVfjTxc

I just took a ledge, replaced it by a composited blueprint, and add a rotation on pitch in event tick

Here is video showing bug with project i give you in :

project download:!EdEwyKyT!hEcTeeSaffml6_0MvffLsU-hnL3lXBHl5gD8rVfjTxc

Hey skeleton60,

I was able to reproduce this in project you provided. It seems to be related to known issues with physics and scaled actors. I have entered a bug report in our system for developers to look over (UE-4558) and I will let you know when I see an update. Thanks for report!

For now, to avoid this kind of thing you should use sprites that have not been scaled. If you need to scale a sprite, try turning its collision off and giving it a box component with collision after you have it at size you want. Hope that helps!


i tried with a non scaled “long bar” sprite too (too be near equal scaled ledge) and bug occur too in this case

only when pawn start falling he still goes through rotating platform