Bad BP or bug? [Engine Crash]

When i Spawn a Blueprint with this Code the game/Engine Crashes. insta crashes.
is it just because it’s a bad code or is it a bug?

Crash Report:


Unknown exception - code 00000001 (first/second chance not available)

Assertion failed: Item.NameAndInfo.GetFlag(EStatMetaFlags::DummyAlwaysOne) [File:D:\BuildFarm\buildmachine_++depot+UE4-Releases+4.7\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Stats\StatsData.cpp] [Line: 634]

KERNELBASE + 37901 bytes
UE4Editor_Core!FOutputDeviceWindowsError::Serialize() + 292 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsplatformoutputdevices.cpp:95]
UE4Editor_Core!FOutputDevice::Logf__VA() + 248 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\misc\outputdevice.cpp:144]
UE4Editor_Core!FDebug::AssertFailed() + 1079 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\misc\outputdevice.cpp:224]
UE4Editor_Core!FStatsThreadState::ProcessNonFrameStats() + 201 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\stats\statsdata.cpp:635]
UE4Editor_Core!FStatsThreadState::AddToHistoryAndEmpty() + 2107 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\stats\statsdata.cpp:733]
UE4Editor_Core!FStatsThread::Tick() + 3390 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\stats\stats2.cpp:702]
UE4Editor_Core!FStatsThread::StatMessage() + 872 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\stats\stats2.cpp:729]
UE4Editor_Core!TGraphTask::ExecuteTask() + 491 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\public\async\taskgraphinterfaces.h:667]
UE4Editor_Core!FTaskThread::ProcessTasks() + 3125 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\async\taskgraph.cpp:428]
UE4Editor_Core!FTaskThread::ProcessTasksUntilQuit() + 77 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\async\taskgraph.cpp:271]
UE4Editor_Core!FStatsThread::Run() + 38 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\stats\stats2.cpp:663]
UE4Editor_Core!FRunnableThreadWin::Run() + 102 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsrunnablethread.cpp:73]
UE4Editor_Core!FRunnableThreadWin::GuardedRun() + 93 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.7\engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowsrunnablethread.cpp:26]
kernel32 + 88557 bytes
ntdll + 181569 bytes

If you check that the return value from Load Game from Slot is valid (just plug it into an Is Valid node) before casting it do you still get the crash. The The debug notes make me think a null reference is being returned by the load function, which causes a crash when you try to access it for the cast function.

I did that. Still get the same crash. so i think the game slot is valid

Hello vyzor,

I have a few questions that will help narrow down what issue it is that you are experiencing.

Quick questions:

  1. Can you reproduce this issue in a clean project?
  2. If so, could you provide a detailed list of steps to reproduce this issue on our end?
  3. Could you provide screen shots of all the blueprints involved?
  4. Was the a project that has been upgraded from an older version of the engine?

sorry for the delay on the answer… the problem was not in that BP. but on the Spawn BP.

in the picture you can see that the Spawn Actor is getting witch actor to spawn from an Array. now. this is the weird part. if i unplug the array it crashes.
if i leave the array everything is okay! even though the array only has 1 Bp in it.
But thanks for the help!

Hello vyzor,

If I understood your last post correctly, you have resolved your issue. I am going to convert your comment to an answer. However, if the issue returns and/or you need further assistance with this issue please feel free to reopen this issue with any additional information you may have acquired.

Make it a great day