Bacon Man: An Adventure Finally released on Steam!!!

Hello everyone!

Since we first started making Bacon Man, our goal has always been to make the best game possible. This means we’re always looking to take advantage of the latest and greatest software tools. In that spirit, we’re happy to make a big announcement: Bacon Man is now powered by Unreal Engine 4!

Our friends at Epic have created an amazing toolset. Using the power and flexibility of Unreal Engine 4, the team at Skymap Games has remade all progress on Bacon Man within roughly one month. Yep, we remade the whole game, and it looks awesome.

Nice, been a while since I heard anything about this. Good to see you guys still kicking and have now moved onto UE4. The screens look good. =)

Hey thanks, yeah we’ve been making a lot of progress just haven’t really shown it to the public, went silent mode for a while. Will probably have progress here for UE4, with our mis-adventures haha.

Some updates !!! Hope to get some video soon.

Hey still working on some awesome new content, here are some concepts of whats to come soon!

Is there any chance you are willing to expand the team ?

Currently not right now no, we don’t have any need for members at this time. Thank you for your interest though!

Just finished our last level for world 1!

hmm, no more updates?

Hey, we definitely have plenty of updates! We always post them on twitter or on our website! We are just extremely busy getting the game finished on time, and just haven’t had time to go into this post and create a proper update.

cool, mb update your signature

Merry Christmas everyone!


Looks cool! But don’t you get massive bacon cravings while working on this? Now I want bacon.

Well, I definitely always have some bacon with my food haha.

Hey guys check out our new intro trailer for Bacon Man! We will be at PAX later this month, more details on that to come soon!

We are now approved by steam and are almost ready for release!

Please wishlist our game here if you are interested in Bacon Man! Coming Soon!

New England based video game developer Skymap Games is proud to announce that the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) has accepted Bacon Man: An Adventure into the PAX Rising Booth. A celebration of innovation, PAX Rising has been specifically created to feature the best of the New England development scene plus a selection of exciting international independent games.

Attendees will be able to play a brand new demo of Bacon Man, including special features like cooperative play. Players will fight side-by-side with multiple characters, each including their own abilities and moves. The demo will also include a battle with Bacon Man’s rival Excaliboar, and a special surfing game mode which Bacon Man glides to victory at high speeds. The Skymap Games team is excited to show off the new demo to the eager hordes of PAX-goers.

About Bacon Man
Bacon Man is a 3D action platformer developed by Skymap Games, a team of four developers located at the New Hampshire co-working space Game Assembly. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Bacon Man is a visually stunning adventure for the PC, Mac, and Xbox One. The game’s development is supported by a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

Hey everyone! After 5 years in development, Bacon Man: An Adventure has finally released on Steam!

Check out our new trailer below!

Take on the role of Bacon Man and battle through the food groups to confront those who’ve condemned you. It’s up to you to clear his name and reclaim his rightful place on the Meat Throne.

Thank you to all the members of the Unreal Engine 4 Community for their support on this project. We’ve been using Unreal since the days of UE2, and it’s an amazing platform. Rock on, folks.

You can purchase the game on Steam here:

Awesome!! Congratulations :slight_smile: