Backward diagonal movement problem

Hello Guys, i’m stuck at my backward animation. I set up a blendspace with 360° Direction in my x axis and Speed witch my y axis. While moving diagonal backward i get a strange animation. What’s the best way to fix that? I have only the animations: forward_moving, left_moving, right_moving, backward_moving.

If you don’t have specific animations for diagonal movement it will look weird. To fix it if you know how to edit animations in ue4 or any 3d animation software then all you have to do is the running backwards animation rotate the pelvis diagonally and thats your diagonal movement.

Ok, then i try to fix this with your way. Thank you.

I have the same issue. I will also try this way to fix.

A simple workaround ist to copy your left and right strafe animations. Then just reverse your animation and add new keys for your hip bone and rotate it with approx. 45 degrees.

Not an AAA animation but looks way better then before.