Backup Folder in Unreal Engine Folder

Hi everyone,

We have a feature within the Unreal Engine folder that we wanted to make sure users are aware of for future use! If a user made a mistake that is difficult to fix, we have provided a backup system within the folders /unrealengine/launcher/backup/. This folder saves data so that, if a crash occurs or you need a backup copy of data you have created, it is saved for you!

Now, we realize that not everyone wants this feature, and we wanted to ensure that you can delete the folders within the backup folder (do not delete the backup folder itself). This is also very important to know as the data can build up fairly quickly, especially when working on large projects. If you notice an increase in the amount of space being used in your harddrive, a good place to check is the backup folder to see if it is holding a lot of data you simply no longer need.

I just found this feature 2 days ago and it just saved my butt…so thank you…

Hello Epic,

is it possible to prevent ue to save to that folder automatically?

Saved me a couple hours of work reimporting my animations today. Really good folder.

Is it removed in 4.26? I just lost some BP work because UE4 crashed like it always does in Editor, so would be great to have option to recover files!

I would like to know the same thing as Tefel, I cannot find the backup folder that everyone is talking about and I too need to restore a map that became corrupted…anyone?

Check under your {Project}\Saved\Autosaves folder.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have checked everywhere including the autosave folder and I am not finding any backup folder. Its either the backup feature has been removed from unreal (I am using 4.26) or there never has been a backup feature and what everyone is talking about are the backed files in the autosave folder. Also, there is no settings for backups either, just autosaves which makes no sense why a backup feature isn’t implemented into unreal is unrea ( I know, just had too).

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I no longer see a backup folder under 4.26 either (I have a backup folder under 4.25.3 projects). I meant that you might find autosaves of your map in the Saved\Autosaves area.

Yep. Unreal Engine 4.26 seems not to automatically create backup files for unsaved blueprints and widgets. This is some very weird change to me. I don’t heavily rely on that feature but it did save me a couple of times.

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Can someone give some info about this? My pc crashed and there is no backups and all my project erased…