Backup features for users of forums.

I have been and seen people be banned by the automated sysem repeatedly. We aren’t spamming but it looks that way to the bots.

I think there are two solutions to this, and I knwo the one I prefer.

  1. Always keep an archive of deleted accoutns due to spam. If accounts or a moderator decides it was a false positive the account can be restored to original condition.

  2. Let me backup my forums. If I get banned, and the content gets deleted I can restore it from a backup that the forums software can recognize and parse. This would return my account to a pre-mortem state.

A byproduct benefit would be that the user can keep an archive of their forum content in case they are offline or the forums are offline and they need to get at something while developing.

I would prefer “both”. But for security reasons Epic might want to go with only option 1 or 2.

Regards, Rigel

There is no automatic banning, things are moderated if they are suspicious. And if there’s an accidental banning then the Epic guys can reverse it (it’s happened). And if there’s a reason for someone to be banned then there’s no reason to allow them to backup their posts.

Or they could just implement a smiple numbers captcha…
(The ones showing you easy house numbers, etc)

Or maybe the spamming is done by actual people…?

The spam is done by actual people

Has anyone seen any spams or got banned by mistake in the last couple of weeks? I can barely find anything to even moderate anymore so i’m not sure what this thread is about.

Did you get Banned ?? :rolleyes:

what did ya do? :cool: