Hi guys

buy my backpacks on Marketplace

write with any questions 9e1800c488d164184246e129927da3ba48bc8a1c.jpeg

all of my works-

Already bought them … they are pretty good and suited my needs perfectly. Good job. 8-}

thank you)

My backpacks 52fbc71bfc484a94ef959083b4ccada7ac001565.jpeg

:)All questions- werzan13@mail.ru496002e11844069500c7001daf6b7b68da26aa00.jpeg

Werzan, it’s a great product. Did you want to create a WW2/military themed pack? I’d buy it immediately.

thank you

not yet planned

but I’m going to do yet something new:)

I just familiarize with Unreal Engine

I would love a WW2 themed asset pack! Would buy instantly as well.