Hello I am trying to make a backpack that my character can pickup and put items into, and then drop or place in a location ie the ground or in a vehicle. but still keep the contents of the bag inside. if I can do this in BP would be great, also I would like to make different sizes and types of backpacks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

a “real” backcpack? i do this with blueprints.

The worst problem i found was i can’t drop all here with phsycs enabled, when you move the backpack the collision not work good enough (even using CCD) and you lost the content.

I use others methods (attach) but not seems practical if you want a normal size backpack and have a decent number of objects.

You can anyway create a less “real” backpack with the content in array, like a normal inventory, and drop in anyplace

Then the answerd its yes, you can.

Is there anyway you could post a picture of a blueprint for that “less real” backpack.

i do few tryings in many ways, i still playing yet with this.

I newbie with very low exp , perhaps you want something from more experience user, anyway when finish i will put a video saying (in poor english or without speak ahaha) ‘how works’ (not step by step) for ask to more experience user for critics.

No problem bud , look forward to seeing what you come up with. videos are basic the same not need look both)

that what i have now.

I working now in display the content (now with print to screen for debug), select items, drop, etc ,
i have few ideas but i don’t known what going be the best, i will try few ways.

Then i going to take in account thinks like weight and size of objects, and max backpack weight and size limits

Something like
thatBackpack can carry max 30kg or objects size 20 (first in reach)

A apple example going to weight 0.5kg and have a size of 1

Then you can carry 20 apples max
if you a get something more heavier:
Stone-> 10kg and size 5
You only can carry in that backpack 3 stones.

total Weight of the backpack going to affect to character jump and that things…

I going to add a “noBackpack” var for use that BP to no equippable objects like a “trash container” or any bag/box with objects inside…l or not can be funny use “trash container” as backpack. :smiley:

Looks really great, keep up the awesome work.

Hey knack would you be willing to share the blueprints to make that backpack work please I am lost. Would appreciate it very much.

i can’t ATM.

its simple, when you known how work and understand some concepts of engine/blueprint. 3 day ago i in the same boat… lost :slight_smile:

1.- Create a Blueprint “Itempickable”, you going to use that BP for all your items pickable, changing the mesh, if you need attributes for each items create vars a make that vars public

2.- Create a blueprint “backpack” with “Get Backpack” “Drop Backpack” functions and array “BackPack Inventory”, that array MUST NOT BE object actor/object, must be “Itempickable”,

3.- In character create a var “Backpack” type object Backpack, a socket in back of your character (HeroTPP)

4.- Use single trace in your character example by pressing E, and use “Hit Actor” for save(set) this in the backpack var in character for reference when you need, continue that “Break Hit” line, if the “Hit Actor” “isValid” , cast to backpack, if cast not fail the item its BP backpack, then you can call “Hit Actor->Take backpack” or if you set your variable “backpack->Take Backpack”

5.- In Take Backpack, do the attach to socket(snap target, rotate if its necesary) , disable physics and collisión and that stuff

Remember compile, if you don’t see any of this variables or functions.

The trick its use that especific object, not a actor/object or other, if you use a specific object you can call and communicate with the others BP easy, because engine known its “Itempickables” or “Backpack” and her functions. You can anyway “Cast to” specific type and if cast not fail … …

Try play with this

Thanks for this description Knack, will let you know how it goes

for additem.
You must create in backpack(BP) a function AddItem and that other functions you want

when you hit with a line trace on Itempickable from your character BP , you only need call AddItem using that backpack var in character BP, check before if isValid if not valid then you perhaps not have backpack and you dont SET the backpack var.

Hit->if its itempickable_C then backpack->Additem (Hit Actor)

and then do the work for adding the item to and the Backpack Inventory in the additem fuction

edit: and rember when you drop the backpack set the backpack variable in character to NONE

today i discovery how do a inventory system and i discovery too i hate “progamming” a inventory system … seems too primitive

Anyway because i begin doing… if I not suicide or my head explode before i going to try make one, with drag and drop functionallity and that things like RPG,

for do, not do a easy one! :eek:

perhaps i not finish that too much work for guys who starting in that world last month, but i try.

that going slow but not bad

my progress…

finally you get something working?

next day will fix few bugs for not allow do somethings like get two backpacks and in a week i hope have time for begin with UI for equip my heroe with things.

i think i can say i finish my backpack inventory. (at least a basic version)

that week going for character equip and skill inventory window

Omg that is so awesome my friend You should record yourself remaking it from scratch as a tutorial! That is exactly what I’ve been trying to get but unfortunately I haven’t had any luck…Amazing job I only wish I could do something similar.

from scratch its too much work! i spend lot time for do that… well now i known better how to do the thing its less time.

perhaps in the future i do something. Now i have more clear the process would be good for have a better ‘blueprint code’ in that blueprint if do from scratch again,

Anyway a guy with a month of experiencie and poor english ins’t the best for explain something. :o

Knack, I’ll give you 20$ (Paypal or Bitcoin) if you let me download your project so I can try to learn how you did that.

Let me know if your interested.

for free or marketplace (when we have) you going to have access to that blueprints.
But not yet i working on it and if i decide release in somehow i will rebuild or clean for more clear work, i made many changes and will do more, and will need a clean up.

I sure you want better and complete inventory with the equip UI

Any word on this, Knack? Would love to see it. Could you at least say if you used umg, slate or hud for the inventory? Thanks!


I busy with few things wanting do something profitable since i need it.

Anyway i think last week about that i want do something, a tutorial, but i need the hours i spend doing this be profitable or i spend in other they are, i decide do a tutorial, begin with canvas i think, upload to youtube and ask for donations, if i got donations enough for the hours i spend preparing and doing it, i do the next one if not i sorry i must stop and do other things

My first problem its my english, i not speak english, i don’t known if can explain sufficiently good for tutorial with “my english” but i going to try upload a video tutorial and check if its usefull or not. (funny going to be because my english :o )