Backpack Straps

Hey everyone,

I am making a backpack and would like to straps to realistically when its kicked or moved.

Ive rigged it with bones but the top bone ends up moving when gravity is applied.
I need it to stay with the root but only the bottom does because of a ‘dependency loop’.

I would like for the top and bottom bone to stay still and the bones between to move within those limits.

Is there any way for this to work???

What modelling program are you using? If I were using Blender for example I would make sure my root bone is somewhere around the “spine” of the backpack centered and make sure no bones are parented to it. That “parent to last bone” default setting most 3d apps always gets people, wondering why their root bone is moving. Make sure nothing is parented to it (except the mesh of course)

If your asking how to have that mechanic done dynamically? Thats an IK/controller setup thats pretty advanced and you might wanna do some research cause I’m not aware of any tutorials on that for ue4 yet.

Hope this helps
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Im not sure what youre suggesting I should do.
I am using 3ds max, and have made the root inside the backpack.
The bone on the bottom of the strap is the parent of the rest of the bones in the chain, but I need the final bone on that chain to keep its position relative from the root bone. That way the rest of the bones in the chain just wiggle around and dont tear away from the top or bottom when gravity is applied.

This is a picture of what happens when gravity is applied in the engine:


I have turned the main root bone and the top strap bone Kinematic and it behaves how I want it to, but now the entire group is stuck in mid air unable to react to gravity other than the strap.

Im not sure if ‘bumping’ is allowed, but I would still like to know if there is anyone who can help me with this.

I have tried many different ideas but so far nothing.
I just need the top bone to be frozen relative to the root only.

If anyone can help that would be fantastic.

Is there anyone who is able to help with this issue? Or at least able to point me in the right direction???