Backpack Mod Help

I decided to put the idea in here to try and get a team that would like to be a part of this mod development. Any comments or feedback on this idea would be appreciated would like to hear of other pack ideas from the community. New to modding so any help on this will be appreciated. I have an idea, a Backpack Mod that would add yes backpacks with different uses as well as a few other items.

Packs With Different Tier’s
Chilled Pack’s chill foods in your inventory when powered with spark powder. Keep those prime items fresh to make it home and cook safely.
Survival Pack’s due to epic packing skills you can reduce inventory items weight by a percent depending on the pack.
Wing Suit’s multiple qualities for different weight classes will have about 3 might do more

Individual Pack’s
Health Pack increase health gained using items
Hang Glider for those heavier players that want to fall in style also.
Jet Pack short distance, powered with fuel and oil. Its function would be similar to the jet pack on the game Evolve more so used to help get around.

Packs With Tribe Boost
Endurance Pack reduce stamina usage.
Agility Pack increase movement speed.
Regen Pack increase health regen.

Possibly more packs when they are thought up by community or team