Background viewport and Grid colors, DPI, customizable player controls in the editor

So these are my initial feature requests. Trust me, there will be many, *many *more. But to begin:

Please include an option to completely customize the look of the editor, especially the viewport backgrounds. This includes the grid lines as well.

What is really needed here is a theming option, allowing users to create and share themes. Some themes should be included by default, including, say, a theme for UnrealEd for Unreal Tournament 2004, UnrealED for Unreal Tournament 3, UnrealED for UDK, etc. Probably also Blender, Max and Maya color themes.

Please include a DPI adjustment for those on larger screens, like me, running Windows 7 64-bit on a 32" LCD LED TV at 1080p. I can’t make out much of the Scale and Size boxes at all, for example.

Please include customizable player controls for playing and testing the game in the editor, or make editor use the controls as user has configured for Unreal Tournament. Probably the easiest, quickest and least time intensive is the later option. How hard could it be to make the editor use the play controls already configured for Unreal Tournament?

If even *that *is too hard, at the very least give us an invert mouse checkbox! Or maybe a blueprint for player controls we can configure along with newbie instructions?

Thank you for making this freely available. It has been 7 years or so since I last used any version of UnrealED, so I am looking forward to my return!

More requests!

  • Need to be able to reset the pivot point of an object to the center of the object, and snap it to the grid.

  • Need to be able to move BSP brushes separate from their pivot points. Like older versions of UnrealED.
    I don’t know if you can already do this with static meshes or not as I just started using the editor.

  • Need full customizable editor controls, so it could be set up similar to a user’s modeling environment. Very heard to use Blender, for example, then come into UnrealED. Best option here is profiles for Blender, Max and Maya as applicable to the editor.

I agree. There should be possibility to set grid color and mesh wireframe color. I am trying to animate my character inside the editor using control rig but it is so hard to see grid behind mesh.

Customization of viewport controls should be possible too. Switching from Blender is a hell!