Background Processing of Keyboard mouse Input when not in focus/Get the screen signal of desktop

I want to use keyboard and mouse signal to make IK animation.
But when the player “tab + Alt” leaves unreal and switches to another program,can’t continue to get his signal.

In addition to installing the acquisition card, is there any other way to get the media source of the monitor and other programs
Plan to make programs like vdraw. Or luppet.
QQ截图20210317163521.jpg(Vdraw is using keyboard and mouse signals to calculate human actions)

The virtual editor can be used to adjust and assist people’s performance for live performance.

I don’t know how to use C + +. It would be great if this could use blueprints

If someone can help me, I’ll thank you for that.

I have the same problem, can someone help? I found a solution used in Unity ( GitHub - Elringus/UnityRawInput: Windows Raw Input wrapper for Unity game engine ) but i need something for UE4