Background mountains

Been working on some background meshes for Unreal Marketplace, idea is to create some easy to use background mountains. Not exactly uber realistic, somewhat stylized, rather colorful and fairly low on polycount. Goal is to make few unique meshes (3-5) that work well with one another and create multiple texture maps for each mesh from same template (so that every mesh has same type of texture map available).

Here are some early shots in Unreal:



Only one mesh used, scaled, rotated and placed around. Uses two different textures in each image.

Links to higher resolutions:

Update #1

Been experimenting with texturing techniques inside World Machine. The one I use at the moments is blending multiple color tables based on certain masks. Some masks are just perlin noise, to give extra variation, some are edge based. This approach seems to work fine for static meshes, where you just need to extract z-projected color map, but don’t think this would work at all for something like Unreal Landscapes, where you want to extract splat-maps and then bring them into unreal to automatically paint landscape layers.

Also been experimenting with fog and color correction in Unreal, things seem to be looking better in my opinion. Here are some new shots:



Last image is new mesh, still single mesh used for whole picture, just a different one from the first image.

Higher ress links:

Preeetty, I hate to be that guy :wink: but are you just making these for fun or do you plan on releasing them? Gitmo maybe or whatever its called.

Whoa, quite nice mountains you have there. The lighting and atmosphere looks very nice too :slight_smile:

Intention is to make asset pack and to put it into Unreal Marketplace for sale. Although I am having quite a bit of fun with these, so I guess both :d

And thanks for kind works Higuy8000!

Looks really nice :slight_smile: Well done!

Thanks SchnitzelDude!

Update #2,

Scene (map) with all 3 meshes combined. A lot of iterations on textures, scrapped probably half of the stuff I did, but that’s how Wold Machine goes. No other decorations except for fog particles, whole scene consists of 34 actors, 17 of them are mountain static meshes.




High ress: