Background keeps glitching and dissappearing

The background keeps appearing and disappearing on our sidescroller, i have no idea how to try and fix this but it keeps holding up progress, also we are having difficulties with items spawning on top of each other, same location. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey DigiDaz,

A screenshot of your issue is very helpful so we can visualize what you are seeing are seeing on our end.

If all of your objects are located on the same Y-axis location, this could be the cause of the issue. For your background, it is usually best to nest its Y-axis location the furthest back when view in Orthographic mode. This will make sure it does not cause conflict with things being spawned or rendered in front or behind the background.

If you are using any translucent materials on your 2D assets, this problem could also be due to translucent sorting. This will cause the objects in your scene with translucent materials to render in front or behind other objects that also have translucent materials applied.

Thank you,