Background color & exposure in editor doesn't match PIE

I flow all step from this tutorial:


But i find out a very big problem, when i Simulate game, ever thing is fine,

But when i hit Selected Viewport (PLAY BUTTON), as you can see on my video , color and exposure change itself !! ( I haven’t changed any settings ) And i tried to disabling from temporalAA option , Still same.

Here is video i recorded ,This inside this video you can see my problem: - YouTube

( Hope you guys can understand what i’m trying to say… Sorry for my bad English )

WHY WHY WHY ??? Help me solve this problem please : )

Your problem might be auto-exposure, as that one keeps giving me undesired results all time.

Try this:
Select camera actor used for viewing, check/enable “auto exposure” and set both values to “1”.
Then hit play again.

Hey Hellcat,

I tried enable "auto exposure"and set both values to “1”, but still same…


I updated newest version 4.5.1 but still cause this render problem.

As you can see in this video i record again https://www…com/watch?v=CQpJm_I5ZUo, i just use 2d sidegame template , every things fine.

but if save game and open it again, whit out change any thing, exposure change itself.

Even 2d Demo ( Platformer Pack) i download from Unreal engine Launcher , whit out change any thing, once you hit play button, exposure change itself.

I try to change setting you told me before, but still same : (

Hey Jason,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce issue you described and have entered a bug report for our developers to look over (UE-5608). It appears that post processing is still having an effect on Sprites, even if all sources are disabled. I will let you know when I see any updates on this.

In meantime, if you would like to disable all post processing effects during PIE, you can enter console command, “Show PostProcessing” and Sprites will look as they do while editing in Viewport. If you would like this to happen instantly when you play a level, I would recommend putting an Execute Console Command node on Event Begin Play in your Level Blueprint.

Hope that helps!

We recently exposed projects setting to disable auto exposure and other things in project setting/rendering.
Evenm if you don’t have that you can set min and max of eyeadaptation to 1 to disable it ( checkboxes in front of it need to be enabled to have effect).
You can use VisualizeHDR shopwflag to see whats going with eyeadaptation settings.

Hi Jason,

After looking into this further with Martin, we found that cause is likely Orthographic Viewport rendering sprites differently. If you look at sprites in Perspective view, it should look same as in-game. Ortho views were set up differently when they were first created in engine, and some adjustments were made later to match Perspective views, and it appears this was missed. I entered a new bug report for this (UE-5707).

For now, to get an idea of what your sprites will actually look like in game and make adjustments, use Perspective Viewport, and use Front Ortho Viewport to make adjustments to placement.