Backend engineer's first foray into native

Hello everyone,

I have been a backend developer for about 10 years writing server code that serves several kinds of clients: Web, Mobile, AAA, etc. I want to get into writing client code using Unreal to develop a game idea I have been toying around with. So I am here to ask if there are any gotchas or some advice for a novice in front-end native stuff.

My intention is to work on creating a top down 3D arena fighter game with some RPG elements and environment interactions. I guess the closes I can think about to explain it is its similar to a MOBA in terms of pace, look, and size. So it’s going to be multiplayer (1v1, 2v2, 3v3).

  1. Anything I should read about or figure out before I dive in?
  2. The marketplace is awesome. What are the laws there? Can I use any of them in my game if I one-day plan to make money off of it?
  3. Do you suggest starting from scratch or downloading a highly rated (hopefully decoupled) template/framework and adapting it to my idea?
  4. Anything else I should worry about?

Just for context, I am not sure what I want to do with this game yet. I am mostly concerned with having fun, learning, and gaining xp in this industry… but obviously I won’t shy away from me going all the way with it if it makes sense. So any advice is welcome.

Thank you so much

Hi Sirglag,


  1. Check out eXis Compendium for some (hehe “some”) info on UE networking.

  2. Anything you buy on the marketplace (or download from Epic for free) is good to use on money-making games.

  3. Starting from scratch → You understand the systems. Downloading templates → you work within their systems. (Both are valid paths)

  4. You should worry about scope creep. :wink:

Welcome to the forums, cheers for impeccable grammar and organization. :beers: