Backend c++ developer required for external library/plugin integration - short term contract

Marshmallow Laser Feast ( are look for a C++/backend developer to spend a few weeks integrating/wrapping the latest version of a networking library into UE4 for an exciting research project we are developing.

Project Title:
ViBEs (Virtual Being Entertainment System)

[COLOR=#000000]We are building a tool that involves the use of network connected motion capture.
We need someone to translate an existing verified pipeline (Windows native & Unity) into a native UE plugin.

Essentially, we are looking for someone to do the following:[/COLOR]

  1. Integrate the latest version of ZeroMQ library into Unreal
  2. Convert a number of .Net (NetMQ) functions and classes into a ZeroMQ & Unreal plugin (potentially just wrapping existing DLL)
  3. Verify the function of the plugin with various realtime and baked data sets from our cloud intermediary
  4. Supply the received data into native blueprints for use within the engine

We have a fixed term & budget for this project but are actively looking to expand our developer network for a number of large long term projects starting within the end of the year.

Previous Work:

Please email me directly at if you feel you might fit the above role, and we can set up a call to discuss further!