Back to 60's War Era

Project Title:
Back in 1600’s


Game starts with bringing user back to the 1600’s with a general looking at them and explaining some info.
He will guide the user out of the room and thats when a cinematic of the entire scene will happen for 7-10secs before simple scenarios start.
More events will happens and simple interaction for users like clicking or zoomed when clicked a button or even shooting.
10-15 mins journey max and we would want to show as realistic as possible to create interest.


  • Realistic atmosphere.
  • Simple non walking but guided by camera scenario and users have task to complete, if task not done then immediately cut-scene happens forcing to the next scenario.
  • First person view point.
  • Oculus Rift Usage.

Simple non complex project but need someone who is good in shaders and effects as this is the only attention point here.

Previous Work:
We have only worked with Unity 3d, first attempt on U4

Talent Required:

Need someone who is really talented in Unreal and Oculus Rift experience to avoid uncomfortable experience for users especially for frame rate, fov and story movement.
Someone who has good knowledge on shaders and particles to recreate effects that will bring memories to people during war eras.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Preferred whatsapp but pls mail me so that we can discuss further.

Thank you.