Back out to previous widget

I have a menu set up, using a blank character blueprint. This is the only thing I set up in there.

So if I need to go back to the main menu, I could. But I made an options part of the menu where you can change the resolutions and such.

You can switch between those three options and in the first one, I can change the resolution.

How could I go back between those widget, from picking the main 3; Resolution, Video Settings, & Window Mode to their specified setting and back into picking one the three main one, instead of just backing out into the main menu.

I’d recommend just creating the new widget over the top. All you’d need to do is close the specified settings widget, revealing the previous options menu behind. If input becomes a problem you can set the parent ‘big three’ options widget to “hit test invisible” while there’s a smaller widget up so you can’t interact with it.

I’ve just added a back button since everyone else on youtube is doing that.