Back...and maybe revisiting an old topic

:slight_smile: Hey everyone-

Listen. I know that Unreal is used mainly for videogame creation. But I wonder if there is any way to use it for creating a 3D animation film. I’m asking because I am writing a script for a film that takes place in Los Angles CA {USA} between 1965 and 1968. I’m actually writing the book for it first. I downloaded Muvizu Play. I like their sets. But I hate the way the characters look! Been using Plotagon for the film so far. I LOVE their character design style. But Plotagon is extremely lacking {although I can use it for illustrating the book}! What I am actually looking for re character creation for the film is something that creates characters in FBX format and can be used with any program that accepts FBX format. In terms of what I need the characters to look like it’s like this. The protagonist has long brown hair and bright blue eyes. He wears jeans and T-shirts. He’s a musician. Offstage and out of the studio {when we get there} he walks barefoot. For most of the female characters who are young adults we need vintage 1960s atture. To make what’s called a shift dress take a “business skirt” and a sleeveless top and put them together. Popular solid colors back then…yellow and orange. Popular patterms…polkadots and hound’s tooth.

Any ideas??.

Get back to me on this!

PS: Sorry possibly for font and size. Vision impairment. :slight_smile: