Back and forward between levels with different game modes?


I wasn’t too sure how to title this but basically I have been working on a mario party-esque game for the last year on and off.
I’ve got quite a few mini-games created, but the last few days have decided to start working on the board game aspect.

For the most part, the board game turn based stuff is easy to create, but transitioning between the board, to mini-games has me a little stumped for the time being and I’m not sure what approach to take.

Keep in mind that the board game has a seperate Game Mode, and just about all mini-games have seperate and unique Game Modes too, so I don’t believe a simple level stream will do the job.

So far, I have only just attempted to “Open Level” after all players have moved on the board to open up a random mini-game, which works, but when that mini-game finishes, I’m not too sure how to transition back to the board game and have the board game level take off from where I left it.
Since the game is both local and online multiplayer, I wonder if using a save game/load game system will work at all.
So I will attempt this after posting, but I am curious to know if there is some sure-fire method of doing what I am trying to do.
I have been scouring online for an answer and looking over UE4 documentation but I haven’t really found anything yet.

Thanks in advance
Kind Regards

So the solution I am going with is using save games, and so far it’s working a-ok.

Still though, if anybody has a better method, that would be awesome.


Maybe try looking into using the GameInstance because it’s persistent between level changes. You could store all of your stuff that you need there, then when you switch back to the board game part, it can remember where everyone was at.

Yeah, use GameInstance to store the transitions like the placement of the character before the minigame, or total score the players have, etc. All the variables saved in Game Instance stay there until you quit the game, so it fits perfectly for that. It otherwise works exactly like GameMode, so utilizing it in Blueprints is easy.

Just make all things to reset when starting a new game or something, so that if someone plays 2 games, the changes made into GameInstance in first game wont effect the second game.

I feel like the biggest idiot, I haven’t used GameInstance in so long that I pretty much forgot it even existed, of course that would work…now i’ll just be here bashing my head against the desk haha.

Thank you guys so much, this is much appreciated help, Ima go cry now haha.

EDIT: Once you guys pointed this out, what took me a few hours fiddling around with save games took me a few minutes using GameInstance…the sad part is that I had actually already set up a game instance, and was using the game instance previously for this very thing…I just forgot that I was even doing this previously…must be old age :frowning: