Baby's First Steps...


Uh, I’m new.

Anyway, just downloaded the engine and have no previous knowledge or experience (beyond a bit of RPG maker’ing with events but no scripting), I watched a bunch of youtube tutorials on the engine before downloading it and have tried following the steps in the videos but I’ve noticed their setups are usually different to mine, so I can’t quite do what they’re doing. I’m assuming they’re just using older versions of the engine, but it means I can’t seem to find any tips on what to do first…

So this brings me here, where I’m sure I’m imposing and don’t belong, so sorry for wasting your time, but does anyone have any tips on what I should do first to start learning more about the engine and how to utilize it?

I read a few of the tutorials from the tutorial icon section of the UI, but I was kind of hoping for a video or something a bit more visual… then someone also recommended to me that I should download the C++ part, start with some simple programs in there and work my way up, so I’m downloading that at the moment.

Tl:dr - Basically, I just wanted some advice on what people find is the best place/thing to do to start and if downloading the C++ bit (like I am at the moment) is indeed the generally agreed upon first step or what have you.

Sorry again for taking up your time, thanks again for any help or advice anyone can give.

  • Hawke

Generally, the first step is picking a direction you want to go in the first place. Are you more interested in being an artist or programmer? They’re generally pretty different skills, and it’ll be easier to recommend to you a place to start out if you have one in mind already. You can do both, just keep in mind it’ll take a lot longer to learn everything.

Try and choose a game genre and / or come up with a game idea.
It will ground the tutorials more and eliminate ones less relevant.
Stick with BP while you learn the elements of the engine (not C++).

Feel free to use the forum as much as you need to! Spam the forum full of questions if you have to lol!
But anyways, I recommend you learn the basics of UE4 before you start out using C++. C++ is tricky in my opinion, if you don’t know how it works and what you are doing.

I’m 16 and self tought I started UE4 when I was 15 and I learned a lot from the video docs . Go to the top of this web and it has a bar and one section says ‘learn’. Click it and go to video tutorials. Those really helped me out a lot. Also later on when you learn the basics you should try DigitalTuters.

Anyways I hope this helps!