Babylon reconstructed!!

so a week and half with the software and i had an idea of trying to build Babylon the great !! remember im a noob please ! its not finished but here is what i have so far guys !



This looks pretty good so far :slight_smile:

Structures in the YouTube clip @ 1:15 stick out as being from the free DesertRally Vehicle game imo.
Whereas the same meshes used elsewhere look / work better, like in the surrounding walls etc etc.
Where did you source the meshes in the YT clip @ 1:00 min? Looks interesting, reminiscent of Mali:

You could always add a volcano in the background. Have a look at Cobalt’s UDK thread sometime:

thanks headclot :slight_smile:

hi franktech yea i used the assets from the desert rally and im still noob lol i dont understand what you mean with where did i source the meshes… i just copied texture into those buildings lol and that project looks awesome!

I don’t remember the tall tower at 1:00 min in having meshes like that in DesertRally etc but could be wrong…
So when I asked about ‘where did you source the meshes’, I meant where did you find them, what packs etc?
Everyone has their own approach to level design. But try to imagine some event that happens at that location…

All I did was scale the tower that comes in desert rally rotate it abit and used the texture from temple_int I think it was

I suggest a more exact title: Babylon, if built by Egyptians. :smiley:
Just for reference: Babylon 3D
2 really different civilizations and architectural styles.

yes your right… but if you read i said ive only been using UE4 literally 2 weeks … with no knowledge of anything … and ive done what i can with the assets that i have :slight_smile:

really no problem, I just tried to say that it was a wrong decision to call it Babylon.