Baby dino modding requirements

Hi all,

Thought I’d start this thread to list out some of things that I’d like to be able to achieve with modding the circle of life.

Rather than have a multi-page debate thread on good or bad ideas… I’d suggest we just list out the things we’d like to be able to do and let the devs cherry pick the ones that fit in with the plans.

So here goes mine:

  1. The ability to not use parent natural base stats, but rather character BP max base stats uplifted by a configurable percentage. e.g. a 10th generation uber-sabertooth that one-bite kills wild t-rexes is for me kinda of meh, but for my realism mod I really need to keep things just a bit realistic.

  2. Configurable hard cap limits on stats (configured in character BP). e.g. limit the absolute max melee D to 200% or weight to 2000 etc. This would help keep multi-generations of babies within some size/role parameters, and help avoid the uber-sabertooth that travels at the speed of light while one-shot killing anything that moves.

  3. Potential-to-go-wild values. This would probably be a phase 2 lifecycle feature, but I think its something that should be implemented for any tamed dino (more so for babies). If a tamed dino doesn’t detect player pawns after a certain time period… they have a configurable percentage chance to revert to wild state/non-owned. Dangerous babies like T-rex would probably have a higher chance with a more frequent “check” period.

  4. Decreased chance of going wild through player presence. The idea here is that being around players, or participating in a kill with adults… would all add to a hidden “domestic” value. This could be babies being brought out to hunt with adults (for XP and to help reduce the chance of going wild)… and also to keep tamed dinosaurs from going feral.

Will add some more when I think of them.