Baby Dino Maturation App

For the last couple days i’ve been working on creating an app for mobile devices. I’m pretty much completely done with it. Except for accurately calculating the rate at which a given dino baby’s food deceases every second in relation to its current progress. i have done extensive work with UDK in UE3 so working with the dev kit is nothing new. However it is very disappointing to find out you can’t see how any of the base classes actually use their default values without the c++ code. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask if a dev could throw me a bone and post how the food consumption rate is calculated.

Worst case scenario is i create food with no spoil timer and measure how much food a baby eats at every 5% in its growth cycle. i then can create a curve, hopefully universal, to use with minimum and maximum consumption rate variables which change for each dino.

if anyone else has any better ideas please chime in.

for those which are curious of what my app will be able to do,
–ability to add multiple babies to a list.
–gives an estimate as to how much time the amount of food you currently have will last.
–it will tell you how much time is left till your dinos run out of food with a countdown.
–alarms you when your dinos are out of food.

No suggestions at all? hmmmm well if i you guys aren’t willing to release the actual code would you at least be willing to explain a little about each of the baby default values
Specifically in

BaseFoodConsumptionRate: The amount of food (points) the dino consumes every second when idle.
FoodConsumptionMultiplier: A base multiplier for all food consumption. Default is 1.

A Thanks to Sench with his work on Base Food Consumption Rate and Food Consumption Multiplier.