B A D * M O R F O: 3D HyperBasher Multiuser Construction for Everything!


Integrating JSON Node Lexer(JNL pronounced ‘Janelle’)](
Comes with a GUI Interface for in-game Editing and Display of Encoding/Decoding:)

No worries. Apologies if this is already covered but have you been able to reproduce the issue by following the same path with a different model from Blender that’s also got mirrored vertices?

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I do appreciate the follow up. I have been focused on restructuring our framework of our game project, thus have not been able work on this problem. BAD*MORFO will be at the core of the God of Dreams FTPS RPG Sandbox MMO, so I have to stabilize the framework, firstly. Once the framework is stable, I’ll get back on this problem and post the resolution.

@TechLord - no worries dude!


Skeletal Mesh Merge Plugin to support performant mass customization in real-time. To be offered separately.
SkeletalMeshMerge Benchmarking - YouTube