Hello Everyone!

My name is Daniel Rusling and I am the lead designer and part of the Left right Out interactive team that has released a title in UE4 called Azuruk.

Azuruk puts you in an alien world with the ability to absorb DNA of native creatures and morph into them. Your home world has been destroyed and must go on the quest to retrieve the technology that destroyed the planet in an attempt to rebuild it. Alongside creatures that have the ability to fly, charge at great speed and shoot explosive pods from their mouth to name a few. You the sole survivor of an extremely advanced robot race must manoeuvre the characters ability to manipulate DNA and destroy enemy creatures on the alien planet of Fusia.

The game is available for PC/Windows and free to download here:

A trailer for the game can be found here:

Thankyou for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

Daniel Rusling
Left Right Out Interactive

Screenshot 1.jpg

Hello Again Everyone,

Just an update we have released a patch with a few changes and bug fixes, Our latest build can be found at:

Thanks again for the support,