Azariah - Third person action and strategy game looking for people

Project Title:

Azariah is a third person Action RPG game which combines the elements from the Castle Defence genre to bring an unique experience combining the strategy, co-op action game with fantasy elements. Inside the game you will have to play to defend your city by building towers and upgrading the fortress while the enemy is attacking


  • Build towers, walls and artillery to customize your base *]Progress your character level, get new weapons and upgrades, select between a melee or ranged character to fit your playstyle ]Survive the waves and explore the city to upgrade your artillery and buildings]Style of an idealized world with fantasy elements combining it with realism *]Experience the feeling of being at war and defend your city

Team Structure**:**

  • 1 Programmer (C++ and Blueprints)*]2 Artists (Both work in Character and Environment art) *]1 Rigger and animator

Previous Work:
My portfolio is here:
Our programmer has experience since UDK times and our animator just started out some months ago.

Talent Required:

  • Self-starting and creative person*]Ability to bring bipedal characters to life and export them to UE4*]Ability to rig characters*]Experience with animating weapons and sync them with the character is a plus.*]Some animation Blueprint experience is a plus.

Current progress:
We are focusing on the Blockout of the game and testing the gameplay elements and map flow. Characters are being developed by the time being and the style direction is being defined by making some assets to test how well they fit into the game. Here are some screenshots, everything is very WIP and very blocky but we feel we need to show to the public what is our current situation:

Feel free to PM me to this forum showing your demo reel. And don’t hesitate to ask any question by repling this thread!

Still looking, any advice about the project is welcome! If something feels wrong feel free to reply this thread.

Here’s an screenshot showing the building system to create your towers and defend walls: