AxisInput functionality not affecting extra cameras in vehicle blueprint

So I’ve gotten some help getting multiple cameras in my vehicle blueprint working by using an array node, however all the cameras except the first follow camera are locked off and don’t pan and tilt. Here’s the part of the blueprint event graph with the pan and tilt established, and bellow that is the setup for scrolling through cameras.

I tried to pass the floats for the camera movement from the input axis nodes into the function for changing cameras…

…and connect them to new Add Controller Yaw and Pitch nodes in the function (since InputAxis nodes only go in the event graph), but that doesn’t work.

So I tried tacking the add controller input after the Set Active nodes, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

So hoping maybe if I just took the entire function and put it on the main event graph rather than inside it’s own function, maybe it would adopt the InputAxis Nodes behavior?

But that didn’t do anything either.

Is there a node I can put in the function that can add the pan and tilt functionality to the extra cameras at runtime? Or should I be trying to achieve all this without enveloping these expressions within a function and keep it all in the event graph?

Argh, I answered my own question. Pawn control rotation wasn’t checked under the camera component in the blueprint…
Sorry everyone, nothing to see here…