Axis vs Tick Event for Movement

hey everybody!

so I’m kind of a ue4 newbie and i was wondering since the axis event fires every frame and all it dose is take the axis value and feed it into whatever it is your using.

whats the difference between having the code in event tick and feeding in the axis value or having the code running off of the axis event.

I have a ( convoluted )movement function that calculates movement based on the state of both the forward and right axis but hooking it up to the axis triggers it twice (as expected) but just hooking it up to one of the axis events fires the same way as with tick.

a second inquiry:
as i understand it the movement calculated in this blueprint is frame-rate dependent i need to use the delta seconds to unhook it from the frame-rate but I’m not entirely sure how.(really its the first question, this just came to mind and i haven’t bothered looking it up just yet lolz)