Axis Mappings in UE5 third person template not working for anything custom.

I’m using the third person template…

I tried adding Axis mappings for moving around my level using my controller… and I know my controller is working (Tested in using the game pad testing site)

I also thought “Ok, perhaps it’s a working controller, but it just doesn’t work in UE5” - to try and weed this out, I added a mapping for moving forward, and set it to the ‘O’ key. That didn’t work either.

Maybe in the template, the controls are changed somewhere else, rather than the input section under engine?

It might be relevant to mention this is a PS4 controller, and that I did add the generic USB device plugin… I looked up what the mapping would be for that, and it didn’t work there either.

I also added a “print string” blueprint to the “triggered” event to let me know when a button press at least triggers - none of the added mapping above seem to trigger it, but the usual W,A,S,D and space do.

I also created a brand new third person project, and it doesn’t work there either, so it isn’t just mine that is borked somehow.

Anyone else had this issue?

I managed to get the ‘X’ button to work using the Generic USB controller button 2 pressed event… and I am sure this would work for the other buttons, too… What I am still not having success with is the thumb sticks and D-pads.

I did some more digging, and I now noticed that something else weird is happening…

It looks like if I add a blueprint event for “Generic USB controller Axis 3”, then it just fires constantly, even without the controller in my hand…

Is this maybe a bug in the plugin?

Found the fix!

Unreal engine doesn’t support PS controllers because it uses XInput.

DS4Windows allows you to emulate an XBox controller on Windows and then in turn have it work un unreal.