Axe Gate. Fighting style game using large tank like vehicles. Early WIP

Hi everyone,

Hope all is going well.

Early WIP preview of my personal game project currently called Axe Gate.
Simple concept: Side view fighting game with large size fighting vehicles. Using wheels, fuel, rockets and shields your objective is to die last.

Working on this in my free time outside work. Being built in Unreal.
Scripting done mostly in Blueprints and a little bit in C++.
Main fight vehicles are built from scratch.
Some environment props are from marketplaces and free online assets. Props like rocks, some decals, small vehicles and plants.

Description of fighting mechanisms:
Same as in fighting with a human body Vehicle can get hit on lower the front part, top front parts, side lower parts, side top parts, top and back.
For defense can use vehicle shields and distance.

Done so far:

Next steps being worked on to get ready the first functional prototype:

  • Finalize 5 different fighting vehicles on asset building side( Modeling, texturing and Animations ) and setups in unreal.
  • Finalize 5 different environments.
  • Set up single player single fight mode against AI.
  • Better looking UI.

Basic idea of completed project in future:

  • 9 to 12 different fighting vehicles with prebuilt features and stats.
  • Each Fighting Machine has different properties, defense features, weapon properties, health, speed, overheating and Assistant drones.
  • Single 3 round fight and tournament modes against local human players and AI.
  • 9 to 12 different environments. But this would be last priority.

Features would be cool to have:

  • Customizable Stats, Weapons, and assistant drones.
  • Story mode or story like mode.
  • Online multiplayer. But this one is only if I get really lucky and figure out the scripting part on task.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
More updates are coming soon.

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Janis Vaitilavics