AWSCore::Lambda - Amazon Web Services Lambda Plugin

What is the AwsCore::Cognito Plugin?
AWS Lambda is a service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda executes your code only when needed and scales automatically, from a few requests per day to thousands per second.




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**Version 1.0.1 **is now available!

Added support for executing on Linux Dedicated Servers

Update 1.0.3 is now available!…gine/dynamodb/

AwsCore::Lambda now supports Mac!

Version 1.1.1 is now available, adding IOS support.

You guys need to build an alternative to AWS. I am removing all of my servers from AWS now because Amazon is now unreliable. They’ve started deleting entire companies for philosophical reasons, and that is just bad business. I’ve already started exploring alternatives. I refuse to support the God of the Internet.

I’m not the author of Amazon Web Services, I only provide plugins to communicate between UE4 and AWS.

The plugin has been updated to version 1.1.2

The Plugin is now on a 20% sale!

The Plugin is now on a 30% sale!

The Plugin is now on a 30% sale!

Plugin is now on a 20% sale!