AWS SDK integration

I didn’t see this anywhere, but recently Amazon released an AWS SDK for C++ with games in mind. I was wondering if there are any plans in the works to integrate this at all, especially if within BluePrints? If not, I may just start working on this sort of thing. Thanks!

I think that’s a great idea! Here at Epic, we use AWS for some of the back-end services used by the UE4 launcher and our game back-ends, but we don’t plan to integrate AWS directly in the main source.

Sounds like some community members should get on makin’ an awesome plugin version! I’ve just dropped a son so my time is limited but if others are willin’ to help out (And as long as the AWS C++ terms / conditions allows!) I don’t see why a few of us can’t join forces and plugin-ize their AWS SDK for Blueprints :slight_smile:

I notice the GameLift service does have a free tier for a year which would be good for prototyping a lot. A plugin would be appreciated by a lot of folks! Adding a +1

That is great! Congrats man!

does anybody have any news on this topic?

Thank you,

This thread is pretty old, but we have just released some tools that help you integrate AWS into Unreal.