AWS Pixel Streaming - Why are external clients stuck on Starting connection to server?

I have followed this tutorial on setting up Pixel Streaming for AWS: SETUP PIXEL STREAMING ON AWS SERVER: Stream your app from an AWS EC2 GPU cloud instance - YouTube
I have also updated the powershell script from a note in this thread: Clients fail to connect to streaming server · Issue #1 · aws-samples/deploying-unreal-engine-pixel-streaming-server-on-ec2 · GitHub
I am launching the “runAWS_WithTURN” and I can see the green listening text
Then I launch my shortcut and I can see a streamer connected.

On the AWS machine when I go to or the public IP address in browser I can play the game no problem
On an external machine when I go to the public IP address I see the click to start, when I click the screen hangs up on “Starting connection to server, please wait”
While that is up if I try to connect on the AWS machine through both and the public IP, it gets hung up on WebRTC connected, waiting for video.

I have disabled Ray Tracing in the build.

Thank you!

Updated to UE 4.26 and that resolved the issue