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Hi, I’m looking into services like for unreal engine in the cloud, but also would like to see if I can get UE 5 AWS instances. I can see that UE 4 is available, but is UE 5 supported as an Amazon Machine Image? I’m guessing this has been discussed before, and if a thread exists, a link would be appreciated. Thanks! - Nikhil

Hi @nikhil. We do have a UE5 image that works the exact same way as the UE4 image. We simply did not update the post above with the latest link yet.

Thanks, yes, I found the UE5 AMI on the marketplace and have been using it.

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I keep getting a message that says the subscription does not qualify for the free tier

It sounds like your account does not have valid billing details set up. Some AWS resources can be used during a free trial, but the GPU instances that the UE offerings use are not eligible for that.

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Just wondering if VS Code or a C++ Dev environment comes with the Unreal instance? Is it just a desktop that you can install VS Code onto? Or is it Blueprint only? THANKS.

This machine image does not come with an IDE like Visual Studio. It functions like any Windows machine, though, so you can install whatever you like and customize it to your needs.

Thanks Stephen!

Nice stuff. Thanks for this. Hoping to test it out as a viable option instead of throwing money at hardware.

To our users of the AWS Marketplace VM,

Unfortunately, cloud marketplace images of Unreal Engine will no longer be supported or updated. You can continue to use the images already in your account, and any version of Unreal Engine can be installed to any VM workstation via the Epic Games Launcher. For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to post in this subforum.