Aws Game Lift Client / Server Blueprint Plugin (with Blueprint support)

aws Game Lift Blueprint Plugin:…cb7c8f042e613b

**video tutorial: **…TkZPFvy9K7rarF
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Already included aws-sdk-cpp compiled binary. You don’t need to compile yourself.
The plugin now supports Android and IOS.

What is Amazon GameLift?
Amazon GameLift is a managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling the game servers for session-based multiplayer in the cloud. With Amazon GameLift, you can host your own game servers, including buying and setting up hardware, and managing ongoing activity, security, storage, and tracking game availability. The Amazon GameLift auto-scaling also capabilities provide additional protection from having to pay for more resources than you need, while helping to ensure that your players can find and join games with minimal waiting.
Why use Gamelift Plugin?
You don’t need too much C++ programing knowledge or create any C++ project. There are 18 useful client functions, 15 server functions and 4 overwritable server functions. They are shown as follow:


How to use Gamelift Plugin?

  • Open a cpp project
  • Create a** GameLiftClientObject** node;base64

  • Add a** SearchGameSession** node;base64

  • If you get GameSession in searching, please create PlayerSession directly.;base64

  • if not, please create GameSession first, and then create PlayerSession.;base64

  • Add an Open Level node, write an address which creating PlayerSession return to.;base64

Here is an example of Client blueprint:;base64


  • Open a cpp project
  • Create blueprint class of ProcessParameters;base64

  • Add initSDK node


  • Add ProcessReady node;base64

  • Add processEnd node and Destroy node to end the game

Here is an example of Sever blueprint:;base64

If you want more functions or you find any bug, please contact [EMAIL=“support”]us( with the title name of AWS Game Lift Client / Server Blueprint Plugin.