Awful UI lag rendering the editor unusable

Since the past update/last two updates, the editor’s ui has started to lag a lot, to the point of me not even being able to use it. The strange part is, the viewport/game part of the editor runs fine.

For example, if I hover my mouse over the viewport I get around 120fps, if I hover my mouse over the editors ui I get about 10-15fps.

System Specs:

  • Windows 7 64bit
  • 8GB ram
  • GTX 770 with the latest drivers
  • Intel-i5 2500k

Here is a video of the bug(?)

Edit; It seems to only happen on things that have a pop-up tooltip.

I’ve found the issue, seems to be due to EVGA Precision X’s OSD, which you can’t manually disable so I had to exit out of Precision X to stop the lag.


Just wanted to pop in and say that this resolved a similar issue for me on an MSI ghost pro, some of their software (possibly msi truecolor) was causing the UI lag and exiting the app in the taskbar (and disabling it on startup) worked for me.

there is also another thread in which a user demonstrates how to disable apps on startup, may be useful for some folks!

I had the same issue here with horrible editor performance in Unreal 4.11, since I’d recently updated to the latest EVGA Precision X version and the problems started around the same time, I tried uninstalling it and performance returned back to normal :slight_smile:

Weirdly enough, going back to an older edition of EVGA Precision causes no issue with the editor, so it must be something in the later iterations that is misbehaving.

I have the same problem but quitting PrecisionX didn’t seem to help; I even killed it in task manager.

Anybody any suggestions?

Just want to add that Asus’ Sonic Suite II or MSI’s Nahimic can cause the same. Kill them and disable them on startup