Awesome Vehicle setup in blueprint. :)

Hi guys, I am working on this vehicle setup (posting a serie of tutorial in the process) and I would like some feedback on it.

Also if you know how to make the decal on the ground when drifting look better I would apreciate it.

feel free to go through my channel and watch the few tutorials I made also.

Have a great day!

You probably shouldnt be using decals that way.

I would recommend a better solution such as manipulating a spline mesh or something like that.

Yeah, the decal thing is far from optimal. Do you think I would be able to spawn a spline mesh and add a “waypoint” every second to get that mesh in the shape of the path my wheels drifted on?
I’ve never seen anyone do something like that in the engine.

Really like your videos! Good pace and easy to follow your thougths and explainations. I like spoken tutorials better for a video, but for choosing text tutorial, very good! If you’d want to take it more professional on the presentation side, a footer with the current chapter/step to see the progress along the tutorial like in Unreal Livestreams would be awesome.

Looking forward to where you take it. Maybe add steering wheel rotation and brake and headlight animation?

Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile: I will have a look at epic’s livestream to get an idea. the lights are for the next video, I am making a texture for the tail light just for that :slight_smile: And the steering wheel just have to be rigged like a wheel and rotated inside the animation blueprint. I will probably show it as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure there is plenty of tutorials on the Net about how to do such a thing, it would be the first option i would consider.

Just thinking about it though there would be a pretty decent amount of Math involved as well just to get the curves to adjust correctly but im sure you will find it a more appropriate and better looking method.


got the head lights to work :slight_smile:

Have you looked in the racing example? Pretty sure that has skid marks for drifting.

I’d love to check out your channel! I’m willing to learn a lot from you tbh :smiley:
I plan on developing a simple drifting game for handheld devices such as mobile phones or tablets (possibly PC if it turns out to be good)

But then the thing is I cant seem to get the right set up xD
My current car setup keeps losing way too much speed when drifting. It does well with the tiny drifts without much steering though :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked at your tutorials but they are focused on the car, how did you make the road? I mean the nice intersections without the curbs?