Awesome Toons!


All video games need toons. We need a protagonist who animates, a levelling system where players progress by working hard against antagonists to achieve an objective and a reward system for having done so. Next question is who are these toons? Do you want your main character (protagonist) to be a toon version of a real living animal or your own fictional character with it’s own toon like appearance? All video games have a levelling or ranking system and i’m the programmer who can hook your characters, environments and props up inside a fully functional game. Genres i’m thinking about are (puzzle, adventure, tower defence, RTS, match 3, geometry, action, shoot-em up, beat ‘em up, side-scroller, platform, racing, sandbox, survival and traditional). We need to keep things simple at first so i’m not thinking AAA. More of an indie game. I’m thinking Xbox One but I don’t have an Xbox Development Kit at this moment.

Team Structure:

Steven Wiseman

Programmer - I have been working with Maya, Unreal Engine and C++ for 10 years now and in that time I have taken more of a shine toward the programming side.

Previous work:

This link will show the work I have done in Maya, Unreal Engine, C++, LOTRO and other games.

Talent required:

Artist/designer (Maya, Unreal Engine) to create the toons, environments and props for a video game.


E-mail/Skype :

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