Awesome procedually generated landscapes for Unreal Engine 4

Check out these landscapes and product on the Unreal Marketplace:

That big continental one I was thinking: how awesome would that be for plains filled with dinosaurs :slight_smile:

That does look pretty cool :). Keep in mind though that it wouldn’t work as intended with the ADK. Most marketplace things with blueprints are impossible to get into the ADK atm from my experience (even v4.5.1 designed blueprints). All you would be able to do with this in the ADK from my understanding, would be use the heightmaps :/. 95% of this is done in blueprints, and they just don’t transfer over at all (won’t even show up).

Edit: So some stuff WILL import okay, just from my experience will NOT if it has a ton of blueprinting in it. I’ve gotten only a few things in so far successfully.

there would be alot of converting but yes this is possible its a giant version of making ur own map just already done if u wish to do this i may be able to help depending on time