Awesome CodeEditor Tool inside UE4.

I have noticed that in 4.8 version Epic has included a plugin called “Code Editor”.
I think this tool is what UE4 really needed.
Ability to write, edit and compile code within UE4 is very convenient and fast.

Hopefully in future updates we can also modify “.*ini” files and change the syntax highlighting.

To activate the tool, go to “Window -> Plugins -> Programming -> CodeEditor [Experimental]”.

Thank you very much “Epic”.

Wow, very interesting!

I didn’t know about this and actually was thinking about requesting something like that.

I usually work with Visual Studio and it’s very convenient when you have to write a lot of code. But sometimes you have to just make a small change and Visual Studio may take up to minute to start up and load whole UE4 solution. In cases like that this built-in code editor could be very handy!

Thanks, I hope it will be finished soon!

P.S. I also hope it will allow to add and edit HLSL/USF shaders. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, not sure what to think of this. Mostly because, and I might be wrong here, VS and UE compiling generate different files so when you compile with VS, then with UE, the VS compile will be very slow the next time since it has to regenerate everything.

Holy cow! This is awesome! +1


Wow! I did not know about this but this is best thing about 4.8. I hope they will be able to get rid of VS coding atleast for projects. I don’t think it is that bad but new Visual studios are really really slow, it eats a lot of memory and it stucks a lot on low spec computer. If you have slow computer then there is no chance to use UE + VS together.

Full support! Awesome…

Yea finally some love for programmers :smiley:

This is very helpful especially for making a universal way of writing code for all platforms

I approve of this development. :smiley: Hope they get it to the point where peeps can install Unreal (without visual studio) and dive into coding straight away.

Still the compiler is needed, even if you compile with clang.

With this I really is going to want to become a programmer and learn C ++.

MS Visual Studio with all your external junk is a pain and my Wacom Stylus is mismatched and clumsy with this.

do this, after tool is activated (is mean “Window -> Plugins -> Programming -> CodeEditor [Experimental]”)

Now that is awesome, well done.!

But that would be beautiful if you could use clang on Win instead of VS compiler.

+4 for the internal editor Epic!

Be careful. If this plugin is enabled, when cooking (in my case for Win x32 and x64) the process fails and editor crashes.

ooow. another epic’s epicness.Thanks for pointing it out