Awaiting for Unreal Markerplace asset submission is way too long!

Hi. I hate to complain, but sadly I need to report something. I have been watching the situation on UE4 marketplace for several months now, I know people who buy and submit the content both and nobody is happy about the time that it takes the Epic team to upload a submitted content on the marketplace… It usually takes 3 months for the Epic Team to upload previously submitted content to Marketplace - that’s ridicolous !

Compare it with the waiting time on Unity marketplace ( disclaimer - I am not sponsored by Unity in any way ) ,
on Unity you have to wait three DAYS and on UE4 you have to wait three MONTHS - this sucks so hard !

Don’t get me wrong - I am very satisfied with the Unreal Engine performance for so little money - it’s amazing and that’s definately an excellent bang for buck, but you DEFINATELY SHOULD take MORE CARE to PR and customer service. The same is with the answerhub - I am still waiting for a reply on several questions that I asked more than a month ago…

Thank you

I agree with you that waiting time is too long. 3 months are unacceptable. By in the other hand, I don’t know what was the situation when Unity launched their asset store. Now, as you wrote, it works pretty good. However, Unity assets’ quality is not that good imo (I’m not sponsored by the Epic as well). You really need to dig into to find a good assets. I’m rather happy that Epic Team pays more attention to quality than quantity. It just needs more time to develop a proper pipeline for the marketplace (new launcher app is about to release). I hope they won’t keep us waiting too long.


Hi wielkiczarnyafgan,

Can you contact the team regarding your marketplace submission status at

You can also see this post where Deke recently posted regarding situations where you need to check status or if you think something may be wrong.

Thank you!