Avoid using multiple triggerboxes with a diffrent node for each one

Alright, so in this game Im using Triggerboxes to determine if the character hits the objects and dies.

So my questions is, is there a way to avoid adding another “onActorBeginOverlap” node for every triggerbox (since I will have quite a lot of them) like having one node for all triggerboxes.

I’m also open to any other ideas on how and can check if the character hits a wall and is sent to the “Game Over” level.

//Nils Söderman

Well you have a few options. Most obvious from my point of view would be creating an actor which exists of nothing but a box. On overlap you do your game over thing again.

You can scale this box however you’d like and it still still work (I mean the actor when you place it in the level).

It’s basically the same you have set up right now. You just don’t use the level BP but instead the box itself to do this.

I hope this helps.


Thanks man! :slight_smile: