Avoid Spline Builder

Spline Builder -

I purchased this with the hopes that it would save me time and increase performance, this has wasted time and money.

Please note that I have contacted the support email for the developer numerous times however not once have I received a reply.

So I am leaving my experience here for others to see before making a decision into buying this product, because as it currently stands the product I purchased is not fit for purpose.

The tests performed below are done in a blank 1st person template to remove any other performance overheads another project might create.
I am having the following issues with this product;

Textures and colour changes on the assets which are settable via the plugin options do not show until the player has come in very close proximity with the asset.

As outlined on the right you can select to turn on or off the colour selector, this image it is turned off.


As you can see by the image below the colour selector has been ticked on but no effect has taken place.


When approaching the asset you can see the colour change to the desired colour however when moving away it is turned off again.


**The options parameters (Located on the right) **

These Are tickable (Part of the products features) functions however some are not functional.

These options are used to turn ceilings, floors, walls and pillars on and off, This feature is amazing in theory but in practice proves issues.

The Floors and Ceilings options do not work as seen in the images below;

Floors and Ceilings Ticked On

Floors and Ceilings Ticked Off


Lastly Performance;

I understand that some performance issues may arise however the use of this product renders the end result unusable.

As you can see in the image below the empty scene is running at a comfortable 119fps;

Upon placing the Building BP the FPS dropped about 5FPS which is fine, however when you move the BP in the scene it drops to 102FPS;

Upon expanding the building BP to increase the size of the BP the scene drops to an average 59FPS;

When you expand the building to look like a single tier building it is now down to 49FPS, and this is with just 1 in the scene;


Now if you expand and begin to take it to a multi tier building it now drops to 31FPS


Now if you duplicate so that you have 2 of these in the scene it now drops to 10FPS and when moving the BP 4FPS


Now if you add 6 to the scene it becomes unplayable at 4FPS

Hi Kuuwahi,

Thank you for adding your screenshots here to let us know about this issue. If you could please copy this thread into an e-mail to, I’ll go ahead and take a look at this with this in mind when I get into the office tomorrow morning. You can refer back to this conversation in the message if you’d like. If you have any other questions before then please feel free to send me a PM here.

I purchased this too and was disappointed by the level of quality in the print. At first i thought it was how i was using it, but no look though the prints, It’s honestly garbage. I mean, i don’t mean to be mean. but seriously this is the construction script for one of them.


Why on gods green earth would anyone want to pay for this? I sure did not expect anything utter ground breaking but, this is so completely convoluted, i can’t believe it.

I really wish people would be a bit more… transparent with what you’re actually getting when buying something. When something is not good at performance, unusable, non functional or completely against the current standard of market place items and you paid for it, it just feels like a big eff you. like i have bought a lot of things, and this is by far the weirdest submission in terms of quality.

In all honesty, i don’t care how bad it looks, if it works. but the problem is it doesn’t work as advertised and it looks like that. you cannot put this in a game and expect it to run.

I purchased this also, but its not usable in my project for VR, waste of money.

Hey there,

Very sorry about not replying to your emails we are having issues with some customers emails getting lost we are working on fixing this. As for the pack I will be sending off an update to fix all of the issues you have outlined today and some time later in the week I will send a second update with new meshes.

Again very sorry for not replying and thank you for your support

Update - A new version has been sent to epic which fixes all the problems listed above with some improved performance but we are still working on making it better, we have also completely reworked the blueprints so they are easily readable.


Hey there,

Sorry to hear this, but this product isn’t VR compatible and isn’t listed on the marketplace as VR compatible.

Yeah my fault, (should have checked with you first). I think there should be some more information explaining performance etc on marketplace, a lot of developers out there don’t have a VR device to check this, but performance issues can be a guide for this.