Avoid Event Tick for Minimaps

I have this Minimap:

But it has a huge impact in performance because of the Event Ticks.
I´m just losing 30fps!

With Minimap : 30/40 FPS
Without Minimap : 70/100 FPS

Would some one give me any advice to solve this or find some workaround ?
( BTW, the strange thing: in 4.14 has not such an impact )

I was looking for alternatives everywhere without success.

Thanks in advance.

Capture scene rendering in real time 2nd view so it like open 2 game in same time for this there is some advanced options for scene capture 2D that you can twick to render less thinks. Example if you disable shadows you get a 10-25% performance increase. There is a little video that show scene capture 2D optimization example Performance Improvements with Scene Capture Actors - UE4 - YouTube

Thank you.
Yes, you right, the problem is about Capture2D.
I was trying what you suggest but i don´t see any effect yet.
I have to spend more time with it.

Anyway, I don´t really need a top Capture Camera.
I´m Building/finishing Archviz Toolkit, and minimap is just a Floor Plant.
What I need is to get something like this:

Looks like a simpler approach.
Is that a Capture2D ?..

I have Transferred Pawn position to widget BP.
No more frame-drops.