Avoid AIMoveTo to Return

Hi everyone,

I have a situation with AIMoveTo that I don’t know that can be solved.

How can I block the “latent” exec pin from AI Move To?

The problem is - although the next AI Move To only triggers on Success, if I put this custom event on another event it seems that (I may be wrong) the event returns before performing all the AI Move to.

So what happens is, if I trigger the “Change Level” event alone (without anything after) it works fine and wait properly for the success to trigger the next one. But on the second picture, since I have something being executed by the event, it triggers immediately after and I suspect that is because of the exec pin on each AIMoveTo.

Is there a way to say “hey, while you are doing this please don’t do anything”?


I think i figured out a solution, its using Macros.
With Macros I can do this:

Which allowed me to block attempts of bypassing by a regular event/function.

If anyone has anything else please let me know!