AVG Detects Win/Heur during installation Of Dev Kit?

Installation of the DevKit was about 90% complete when i had AVG alerted me that the program had a virus that was called: Win/Heur.

I sent it to the virus vault but not sure if it is actually a virus and if so wanted to alert others of the situation, just looking for answers, anyone know? Is this a real virus or just the AVG? I sent them to virusvault but i do have the option to restore if they are not virus.

Here is the info:

Object name: Unrealcontrols.dll and also swarminterface.dll

Say severity High, Extended element information: process name: Searchprotocolhost.exe and epicgamelauncher.exe

AVG’s a little ***** and flags the binaries, ignore it - add them to the exceptions.


Thanks, I never finished installation last night, AVG was going nuts, I might just shut AVG off and then resume.