Ave Mortem - (Looking for artists!)

Hello !

I read many posts of this forum but this is the first time I write one.

We are a team of 5 devs (all programmers) working on a school project, looking for artists. Let’s see the game!

The pitch:

You have been a henchman of the death, serving for thousands of years, charged with executing each of his orders. One of your special tasks is to take care of the impious ones who do not respect their pact, which they have passed with the Grim Reaper … To do this, you can use your particular skills. Coming from the Beyond, the world of non-mortals, superimposed on the mortal world, you can move from one dimension to another through portals, which will have many other uses. Investigate your target, find it, chase it, and make an example. Unless … Maybe it’s time to change employers?

The game:

It’s a stealth-action FPS where you can travel between two dimensions, named Ave Mortem. There are these big mechanics :

  • Portals: it’s pretty eloquent. It allows the player to travel between the two dimensions, to fight, to stealth, and so on. It’s already partially implemented and works well for now.

  • Objectives: the player has to prove he fulfill the objectives, so he brings back evidences with him and it influences two variables :

  • Trust: it is the credit the death gives to the player.

  • Loyalty: it is the measure of how much the player indeed fulfills the objectives.

The player realizes as the game progresses that he is not obliged to fulfill the objectives but can feign them. So he decides if he wants to remain loyal or not, but have to compose with the trust.

I won’t go any further for now, but soon perhaps.

Lastly, but it is also for that I came, the art things:

  • The game has a realistic style.
  • The mortal world is like the modern world we know, but the date is not specified.
  • The world of the dead draws inspiration from the Cyberpunk movement, through works like Matrix, Cyberpunk, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and what can be found in Constantine and Stranger things.
  • The world of the dead is a perverted version of the mortal world. There reigns all the sins and the vices, the buildings are filled with an eternal and infinite debauchery. By some aspect this world seems more sincere and attractive, but it is also much more dangerous. Like the Hellenic underworld, Erebus, the Champs Elysees and Tartarus, there are also in the open regions of the world the dead of unclean creatures who repent of damned souls and barren regions.

We have a small budget but do not expect that we can pay you at the height of your work (and I really wish we could). But if you are an artist interested by the project, if you have assets that could help us, you will be very welcome.

Our deadline is a the beginning of April.

I think I will post the progress here for the next weeks, and we would really appreciate any feedback!

Thanks for your time!