Avatar-Inspired Indie Survival Game

Project Name:

The game will be based on Avatar-like creature concepts and will be third person, multiplayer, and players will have the opportunity to evolve their creatures through advancing their species or creating an entirely new subspecies. Players will be immersed in a forest/jungle landscape and forced to survive as the creature they’ve designed as they hunt and interact with others in their environment. Players will develop traits in their environment in order to have better chances of survival, and some of these traits can be advanced through selective breeding. There will be aspects like scent, and the ability to relocate and hide food. There will be multiple evolution trees in our game and players can decide whichever route desired.

The team we have right now is pretty small, three members, and we reallly need anybody that is skilled in every field, programmers,3D modelers, animations, etc…

Discord: boob#6548

Please contact me if you have any questions,want more information, or are interested, as we are super excited to start this project!

Thank you!